The value of being a group

Pozzi Industries, the Group where knowledge and skills of the polyurethane industry meet and merge: chemistry, equipment, digital industrial solutions, decoration and trading.

A unique symbiosis that allows the development of machines and products tailored to customer needs.

Pozzi Industries Group, a single point of contact able to provide the key components of the system: machine, product, technology, know-how, support, expertise, resources.

Pozzi Industries Group, an innovative and sustainable environment based on skills, shared values, enthusiasm and willingness of management and employees.

A stimulating and dynamic work environment that rewards merit,
values talent by retaining them and attracting new ones.

Company group

Pozzi Arosio, founded in the 1950s by the founder Alfredo Pozzi and the first company in the group, is a System House operating in the international polyurethane field.

Thanks to a team of experts in polyurethane systems, it is able to offer highly customised industrial solutions.


INTERTRADING, in the group since 2016, has been operating as a trader in the chemicals market for over 40 years, marketing key raw materials and differentiated products for large companies based in Italy and Europe.

It also provides tailor-made services such as warehousing, drum filling, mixing and consulting for PU production.

SAIP, founded in 1978, designs and manufactures plants and machines for polyurethane processing, offering technologically innovative, sustainable and highly customised solutions.

Its sales network is spread all over the world, providing its customers with technical and commercial support focused on their needs.

Saip North America Branch

SAIP NORTH AMERICA, opening in Ohio in 2021, is the SAIP subsidiary established to follow up on the group’s strategic plan for global expansion.

Its purpose is to support the development of sales in North and South America and it is also designed to be a hub where you can find a staff of specialised technicians and a well-equipped spare parts warehouse for fast and qualified service.

CE|DE|PA, founded in 2011, is the world’s largest centre dedicated to the research and development of new solutions for the production of insulation panels.

An industrial-scale line and a laboratory to carry out design and experimentation activities with the aim of accelerating the development of new solutions and remaining competitive.

ENLIVE AUTOMATION specialises in innovative industrial digitalisation and automation solutions. Its services are technologically advanced and utilise the latest developments in machine learning, predictive maintenance, augmented reality and computer vision. Developed from a passion for technology, driven by innovation, supported by in-depth knowledge of industrial processes, determined to optimise them and make them more sustainable.

DipPrint®, a division of Pozzi-Arosio, was created to solve any requirement for the aesthetic customisation of three-dimensional surfaces in plastic, metal, wood and other materials, and is the only technique that allows printing on wavy-shaped items.

Its process uses special pigments on a water-soluble film with little impact on the environment