Saip North America at CPI for the annual technical conference on polyurethane

Saip North America at CPI for the annual technical conference on polyurethane


Saip North America at CPI for the annual technical conference on polyurethane


SAIP NORTH AMERICA INC. is pleased to announce its participation in the most popular and longest-running polyurethane conference in North America. The conference will be the best location to present the newly founded company of the POZZI INDUSTRIES Group, its offer and personnel. 

SAIP NORTH AMERICA INC. is a one-stop shop for timely and qualified technical assistance. Raffaele Monti, an experienced technician, and a well-stocked spare parts store are available to customers to meet any requirement. As always, customers can count on technical advice from SAIP’s R&D department based in Italy. During the conference, we will present the latest developments in Saip technologies, such as:

  • Continuous and batch production lines for sandwich panels: wall panels, roof panels, cladding panels, insulation panels, sectional panels, for both residential and industrial doors, for air conditioning ducts, etc.
  • Complete foaming systems for the insulation of professional and home refrigerators and for all equipment used in the cold chain (cabinets and doors, cold rooms, display cabinets, freezing and deep-freezing rooms, ice-makers, vending machines, thermos flasks, etc.).
  • Machinery for the production of pre-insulated pipes, insulation and joint reinforcement, on-field and offshore; plants for the continuous production of flexible pre-fabricated pipes.
  • Turnkey projects for the production of armchairs, chairs, cushions, various furniture components, faux wood, interior decoration, viscoelastic products, surface decoration (
  • High and low-pressure dosing machines, multi-station rotary tables, carousels, moulding presses for automotive, sports, nautical and medical articles.
  • REPURTM: an advanced technology for recycling polyurethane processing dust. SAIP’s contribution to making the production cycle of polyurethane products, particularly the panel production cycle, more sustainable. REPURTM transforms polyurethane waste into useful products through a pollution-free process.
  • BUTTERFLYTM: by detecting and analysing process data, it enables control, quality enhancement, waste minimisation, plant productivity enhancement, as well as product traceability and machine learning. An extraordinary tool for maximising the effectiveness of production and maintenance processes.

We look forward to seeing you!